The Secret of Secrets, Untold True History of Humanity

The secret of secrets, the true story of everything, all there exists from the beginning of time until now. Listen, human, you are the most supreme creation of the One Creator, the Spirit and the Creator Son Jesus Christ. You are the ones foretold in legends who will win this battle for light against the evil. Victory is guaranteed but you, I mean WE have work to do. Listen, human, I’m the scribe and messenger of my Lord God, hear this message, in your hearts, this message is already recorded when you were born, you will know this message is the truth. Choose light over darkness, protect the weak and the children, feed the hungry and help others. You are created to ascend and become the most powerful creation ever created and you have a duty to finish evil for once and all. This is Archangel Metatron, I bow in front of humanity as my brothers and sisters with humility. To Victory of the Light!