The protocol of the original “TEN COMMANDMENTS.”

Theme: The Decalogue

Contact: Peace Mediumship Circle Berlin

Medium: Uwe Speer (age 17) and Monika-Manuela Speer (age 15)

SANTINI: The world instructor ASHTAR SHERAN

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The words of the INTERPLANETARIANS published here had been received during the many public sessions by the Peace Mediumship Circle in Berlin, a Christian-spiritual community. Most of the communications were received in fully automatic and instinctive writing through approved mediums for years. The mediumistic communications are complete and have been maintained in their authenticity. The writing work of both mediums Monika-Manuela Speer and Uwe Speer had begun at the ages of 15 and 17. The complete work of MFK-Berlin results in the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific study. It has often been attempted by other groups to copy the MFK-Berlin, but its quality has never been achieved again. The multiplication of recent published brochures is expressly intended and is not subject to any limitation.


The true CODE OF GOD unfortunately no longer exists on this earth. It was burned for millennia and its ashes became a curse for this earth.

The HARDENED SHEETS (tables) that were brought by the SANTINS (interplanetary brothers) and that should have had an eternal and indestructible existence, fell to the mercy of the wicked. The words of the prophet Moses were completely falsified by the priests of the time, who were at the same time political rulers. However, the original text of the original SEVEN COMMANDMENTS and SEVEN PRECETS was transmitted again with the help of automatic mediumistic writing.

Bad Salzuflen in July 1996




1. In the beginning there was a FORCE without space. It was the LOGOS, the Supreme INTELLIGENCE.You are unable to make this FORCE and INTELLIGENCE comprehensible by some comparison. You do not have to make any personal considerations about it, but recognize with your intellect and feeling this INTELLIGENCE as your CREATOR. Any other thinking in this direction is evil.

2. You must not act or live against the LAWS of Nature, for You would harm not only You and Your Soul, but many of Your descendants, who then could not help themselves in any way if You had harmed the DIVINE intelligent creation. You are fully responsible for every pain on this earth.

3. Thou shalt not mock nor persecute Thy CREATOR, even though thou, with thy undeveloped thinking, art unable either to understand Him or to comprehend Him; for thou art not more, but less than GOD. Therefore, do not soil HIS NAME or relate it to your way of thinking. Do not criticize the LOGOS, for HE is infallible because of HIS infinite EXPERIENCE and immense strength.

4. Be tirelessly active in both thinking and acting. Know, however, that thought represents the Supreme Strength and the highest INHERITANCE of GOD. Your thinking has incalculable reach in this world and the next. Think of Your CREATOR with deep reverence, both in the procreation of Your descendants, as also in forming all things, and create all things only for good and never for the dishonor of GOD and Yourself. Have esteem for the tireless diligence of the CREATOR and honor the labor of your neighbor who works by sweat to serve the CREATE to the glory of GOD.

5. Do not differentiate between the poor and the rich, nor between young and old or between colors. Honor experiences and have respect for pain. Heed the advice of Thy parents in that they believe in GOD, the CREATOR. Without this faith you may perhaps become rich, but never happy, nor content, much less blessed.

6. Your CREATOR desires that You respect life in the world as HIS STRENGTH. You do not have the right to decide about the life of YOUR neighbor. Fight contrary creation and life-destroying existence. Do not kill any animal for YOUR pleasure, but only to reassure YOUR life.

7. Do not harm your neighbor either in his body or soul, or in his repute or in his possessions personally obtained by his labor. Do not harm him in his evolution, nor in his love, nor in his freedom, but always help him in all these things, without waiting for thanks. However, bring Your contribution for TRUTH and for the maintenance of all dispositions, which advance Your life, Your health and Your spiritual evolution and that of Your soul.


1. Do not procreate for your own pleasure, but for the voluntary readiness of sacrifice to help a graced soul to a better knowledge and judgment of itself and take care of it That it may attain independence in thought and action.

2. Estimate the companion of Thy life as the responsible bearer of divine WILL, divine LIFE and as the preparer of the way of the vast plan of the future. Failure to do so will inevitably result in slow but sure destruction.

3. Do not divide the treasures of this earth, for they have been given to all creatures, but especially to all people without any outward distinction. The star Earth is a gift from GOD given to all mankind living on this star today and in the future.

4. Do not envy your neighbor, neither a group or a people nor a race nor a country in which people live for themselves, for you cannot know with certainty, that your envy comes from an error that is not yet known.

5. Do not use any violence, even if you think you are the strongest or the provoked, for all violence is a provocation of sinister forces that destroy not only Your opponent but Yourself and make the future of Your descendants more difficult or impossible.

6. Turn in all difficulties, to LOGOS (to God) and reject the advice of your advisors and enemies who aim at your downfall.

7. Do not trust your senses since only YOUR soul is capable of making the ultimate decision; and in this case only GOD and no one else, helps you.


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