Ascension & End Times Prophecy QnA- Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves

Part 1

End-time prophesies can be found throughout the myths and legends of every major culture and religion on Earth. Are these prophesies based on actual events from the past? Is there evidence that these prophecies are connected to a micro-nova from our star approximately 12,000 years ago? Could these solar events be cyclical in nature and would we be able to predict when the next one may occur? Join Corey Goode as he discusses these cataclysmic solar events and how they tie into religion, ET Contact and humanity’s ascension process. In Part 2, Corey answers questions from the audience and goes into further detail on the solar flash, NASAs hidden purpose, content of the sequel to the hit documentary Above Majestic – The Cosmic Secret, and his upcoming appearance at Dimensions of Disclosure 2019. Dimensions of Disclosure – Live and Livestreamed – UNCENSORED No Corporate Sponsors – 100% Funded via Ticket Sales Get Your Tickets: Watch Above Majestic:…

Part 2