CORRADO MALANGA pt 4 Tartaria, Reset inizio 900, oggi un risveglio, perché Majorana è sparito?

Dal canale di RedRonnie

translated, corrected and subtitled in English by @albur and @tungsteno, plus other languages in self recognition.

Corrado Malanga – parte 4 di 5 – Tartaria? Reset early 900? The ’68. Today an awakening. Lie story. Why did Ettore Majorana disappear? Because now so many ways are coming home to roost, people are waking up and the power is very ferocious. the ’68 destroyed with drugs. Woodstock. Now TV. Unity of Italy. Garibaldi Freemason. Could you become invisible?

Michele Micheletti from Co-Scienza pointed out to me a very important discovery made by Corrado Malanga together with Filippo Biondi. They had managed to see from the satellite inside and under the Pyramid of Cheops. It is known that every scientific discovery is immediately screened by the military forces. So if it is possible to discover what is inside the pyramids, it would be just as possible to see under military bases or under the mysterious Antarctica. For this Corrado and Filippo would risk their lives. I went to meet Corrado Malanga in Pisa on 13 September 2022, when he hadn’t yet done the press conference and everything was secret. But I waited for the news to come out to disclose this long and spectacular interview. In the meantime, the researches of Corrado Malanga and Filippo Biondi have been validated by the scientific community. This certificate of acceptance (ISSN 207-4292), issued on October 12, is a very important indelible document that recognizes the validity of everything Malanga said in this interview. You can find the full version on while on YouTube I have divided it into 5 parts.