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Flat Earth, Dark Rift, Dome, Myth, & Cataclysm

Terra piatta avanzata – Documentario sulle luminarie misteriose

Drifting to the fire

Flat Earth – The Edge of Awakening Documentary

Non ci sono i sottotitoli in inglese a questo link, se siete interessati chiedete e vi fornirò quelli che ho generato dal filmato.

Convex Earth – The Documentary

The Convex Earth Documentary may be republished in another channel as long as the monetization is deactivated and the source is informed as follows: “Terra convexa is an independent…

A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat) ▶️️

A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to 21 of the most frequently asked questions about Flat Earth. Journey…