Moon Landing Fraud in 3 Minutes https://youtu.be/fMcpKJ18nmo Politicians are so hated, with an approval rating of only about 15% by the very people who elected them, because they do not do what they say. Most religion, even sincere ones, wrongly receive this “hypocritical” label for this same reason, the hypocrisy of others. Nevertheless, just as there are indeed a few honest elected officials sincerely trying to make our country a better place, likewise there are indeed a few people and churches who do preach the Absolute Truth of Eternal Life and live by its simple principles in day to day life. My call to you is to diligently seek out these sincere spiritual people and these sincere spiritual churches, among a world full of hypocrites, just as an olympic athlete would search out the very best coach in world full of lukewarm ones, in order to best equip and strengthen you for the only contest that matters, that of taking hold of the priceless prize of Eternal Life. Jesus said, “Wide is the path, and many are on it, which leads to eternal death, yet narrow is the path, and only a few are on it, which leads to Eternal Life.” Anything less than immortality, is a complete waste of time. May God richly bless you as you search the links below for the precious Keys to the incredibly priceless gift of Eternal Life. Brother Bart