A breve se non farete nulla, Whatsapp potrà prendere tutti i vostri dati. Telegram? Signal?


Automatic english translation of the transcription of his video

I am Mazzoni the professional journalist
Italian that speaks to you from the florida that
read one on American matters and on
technology issues this is one of the
most important videos I’ve ever made
and it is also a very urgent video for
this I did before I did
others for other topics and certainly
I am of your interest because I believe
that has a higher probability
yesterday and don’t mask the owner of tesla
for the car manufacturer many expectations
other business initiatives of
great relevance indicated has
suggested recommended to all its
follower three people who follow him of
urgently abandon whatsapp and di
adopt since an application that
similar to whatsapp but offering a seriesof advantages and eliminates a number of
big big big disadvantages
at the time this happened
of course the sigma inscription are
broke out of what’s up
they also exploded because it is there
mask taken this initiative as well
sudden and unprecedented well of
done we have already had a notice a
notice of this when apple itself
stated not so long ago that not
she would have included
whatsapp in new iphone versions
because the new privacy policy of
whatsapp then set from facebook to
whatsapp users is that it will go into effect
February lot is so vast it is
so penetrating into yours
personal information that not even apple
has felt like pushing its users
to accept this type of situation is
in fact what will happen from 8 of
february if you have whatsapp itself not
banded bondone network whatsapp network of
done you will give up all yours
personal information on facebook e
facebook can transfer them to any
public private entity governments agency
of revenue
do you and simply a question
of imagination to think where they will end
we have seen this data in the past
that facebook to be extremely so
without reservations, without restraints in giving
information to others and has a
internal capacity to collect
information that is unparalleled ie
from small bits of information e
by collecting other data through i
network and to which connected as amazon
google twitter and other sites all siteswho do advertising on
facebook did give the information
facebook with intelligence engines
artificial that available in
facebook may know it may know about
each of you information that either
you know
ok so there is a level of surveillance
digital that is unprecedented
well then new facebook policy e
here I quote the words exactly
of the company says that from 8 February
onwards if you continue to hold
whatsapp even if you don’t use it isn’t
important because if on yours
mobile phone works when you
you will keep whatsapp on your mobile
they will happen they can take
this type of information
your registration information
such as your phone number and
fine mail your name
any data on your transactions
purchase you make and here they do not say
with whatsapp necessarily any
information related to the provider of the
service then what kind of provider
connection you use what you do what
download what you watch where you go
for information on
how you interact with others including
companies then everything you
you make all the contacts you have all
things even sins that maybe not
would you like to keep private come
absorbed cataloged completed with
other information is there
supplied and then transferred to anyone
be willing to shop relocated in
organized way then they are not but if i
data within which someone else maybe
precisely tax officer must
to go
through glimpses of what is not one
photograph already defined this gentleman
did this he did in total the
place such he did with Mr. so gods
for this value and see this step
so besides they will collect
information about your paintings
services therefore a temporal distraction
continue information on the mobile
so what is the self number of yoursmobile phone what kind of mobile phone is that
believe you saw what other apps are
installed and therefore also allows
unambiguously identify you that
i couldn’t say i am not liked it
mobile phone may hide your imprint
digital we know that you are yours
ip address then as with that
address all colleagues on the network then
you connected to the network
and this can also be useful for a
distance send commands and activate
other functions and then that of
any other information
identified in the information section
that we collect after communicating it is
asked why under consent that the
can expect this list that me
it already seems quite vast they can
ask for anything else to grasp
anything else but something yes
they ask for consent so they are this
is a 180 degree change in a
complete overturning with respect to
promises made by zuckerberg has in the
moment when facebook acquired whatsapp
few years ago
and remember that always facebook del
2017 was fined 122 million euros
I’m wrong from in European to have
shared data with facebook with
contained within whatsapp so it is not
the first time facebook over i
boundaries beyond the limits to take possession
of data from all users must
know there are so many in the world why
it was an application that I had a
incredible success
this application by the way I do not know
if you know it was created by two
inventors 2 software engineers acton and ian com
both acquired together with the company
original that he had created from whatsapp
from facebook and both of which are
openly rebel against facebook when
they found out how facebook wanted
change the original model of
whatsapp and then they went out and one ofthese braille gentlemen necton now is
a key financing partner of siglo
abbreviation is the app that is recommended by
put it males of the same asp that us
we advise you at this time then
you have until February 8th
to activate a new app that does
exactly what whatsapp does indeed
it does it better however it is free and it is
normally safer and more not
will take none of yours
private information and inform i
your friends who are moving there that
you are moving so that you
can follow at the bottom of you make a
please because without realizing it
apple trees could simply confirm
who want to stay on whatsapp and from
that moment on their firm
private will no longer be private
wherever they use their mobile phones everywhere
bring their mobile phone with them
someone who will collect data
systematically about everything
they do
on all transactions they make on
all people more when interactions
on wherever they go at any time and
I can continue in the list ok so it is
actually a matter of
security important for your creed
life try to keep at least level
of adequate privacy so that there
find yourself having unnecessary complications
useless due to the fact that these data then
would circulate from this other
part of the advantage is that it proposes
facebook in front of collecting data on
of you who proposes to propose
more targeted targeted advertising ie if
you are looking at a
a vacation in the caribbean i guess there
proposes a new costume with a color
which might be interesting for you
why you on amazon
a year ago you looked at a costume that
I might have liked it then
find a similar one you are willing
compared to the advantage of having the
costume of the right color proposed to you
in a microsecond of giving up the whole
your life in all of yours
personal information all I mean
say all or prefer
perhaps with a little effort aside
your of your friends to install
another app
I would say I am for the latter
definitely for the second that I’m already
informing all the people I am with
in contact on whatsapp that to the maximum
in 15 days allows much less I will have
abandoned completely closed
accounts on whatsapp and I will be passed
have already been on the theme for some time but
permanently delete whatsapp then
anyone who wants to contact me
will find more on whatsapp from here on out