1796 Inside Russia’s Foundling Empire | UAP

Who is UAP? UAP (as conferred by my subs) stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m Orthodox in faith and technologically inclined by profession, but my nature here is rebellious… why? It often agrees with the traditional wisdom of Church Fathers, and knowledge of the Ancients by way of THE scientific method; 1. OBSERVABLE 2. REPEATABLE 3. REPRODUCIBLE I’m making videos at a rate of about one per day, A.) Championing God’s Word by inspiration and NOT imposition B.) Remediating false narratives C.) Rejecting anti-Biblical ideas when the premise”SCIENCE” D.) Freestyling Historical and Scientific narratives that make more SENSE Why? For Money? LOL ha ha haaa, I’m not even close to offsetting my income loss doing this; to share faith in the Good Creator I trust and love… …I defy pop-sci CULTure that tries to make it seem like the Bible isn’t true and God doesn’t exist. Using inspiration, logic and comedy I wage daily battles against the ubiquitous indoctrinating impositions of authoritarian imperial ????‍♀️ tales institutionalized internationally by an inter-dimensional conspiracy. I don’t curse usually, if ever it’s justified. I don’t promote or tolerate hate. I’m known to poke fun though. Christian Holy Scripture has been assaulted systematically chapter, line, and verse. Consider me the Bible’s defense lawyer, or defense Warrior. Armored by God, a sixth (sick) sense of humor, and my awesome Subs. To battle! ►If you have videos or articles you want me to see please send to UAPchannel2@gmail.com +Sources: 1. My own creative voiceovers, graphics, editing style, parodies, screenshots of research highlights 2. Clippings from others selected for education, news reporting Novel editing for opinion essays, shared research, compiled by me as “UAP” for criticism and parody is transformative. I’m not criticizing the PEOPLE misguided by the false lessons. I’m questioning CONCEPTS that begin by asking us to “imagine” and end as mandatory beliefs. Premise rejected, IMAGINE THAT. Images, video, audio, lyrics, quotations, names, titles, places, and music not belonging to me are only used carefully when: licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution…, granted permission of the rights by IP rep., when in public domain, as necessary in transformative fair use of copyrighted copyrighted materials…, parody, transformative artistic remix or compilation, for original and/or collaborative documentary research, criticism and scholarly review e.g. a montage with commentary, news discovery/investigative/inquiry reporting, for shared educational reasons of critique and collaboration. Sponsor my content with ads: Contact me at UAPChannel2@gmail.com Otherwise, the original audio and video content uploaded here are my property and all rights are reserved. Re-use permitted only with my express written permission, as via account ownership or by my representative. ►live stream, live chat, and video comments POLICY: I like to keep it FAMILY FRIENDLY! If it’s not, I will tell you in the first 30 seconds, the title, and/or top of the “Prescription” Links in comments are auto-filtered. No excessively foul language, harassment, hateful, snide, insulting, race/sex/creed-oriented comments, personal, doxxing, bullying, vain use of the Name of Jesus, God, Creator, Allah, etc. regardless of own personal religion. Bullying, filthy, snide remarks, etc. are not tolerated.