You’re already used to little lies. And what about the big ones? Is it possible that even greater secrets exist?

Who are the Grey Men and the Parasites? Why would they exterminate billions of highly skilled people from the Great Tartaria Empire? Why would they destroy the highly advanced Scythian-Tartar-Aryan Civilization present on six continents 150 years ago?

Marcia Ramalho researched thousand of images and wrote the essay “Tartaria Empire – Aether,” which almost 245,000 views on YouTube until March 14, 2019 – when the host channel was terminated and where her work “Aether” was first presented by invitation from The Age of Disclosure editor. In this new essay she reveals in 18 minutes, through 80 images, some of the very dark secrets related to our tragic recent past.

176.442 visualizzazioni – 5 nov 2018