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Agency: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Document Type: Rulemaking
Title: Request for Public Comment on the Federal Trade Commission’s Implementation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule
Document ID: FTC-2019-0054-0001Comment:
Dear Sirs, just to observe that probably these new COPPA rules should be rewritten, giving to good contributors not the fear to be sanctioned about YouTube definitions of what could appeal a minor. I mean it should used a good common sense otherwise we will be only ruled from machines that will emit sanctions because a video did use the word ‘cereal’ or simple phrases understandable from minors. I hope DOJ and everyone who’s in charge could understand that this will be the death of the free speech, and rules should re-check all, canceling the $42k sanction (!!) for a real justice.
With these new rules I think that the quantity of sex and porn contents on YouTube will all disappear, because how could not a minor go to see them? Will it be this way?
My best regards.

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