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Mud Flood Chat with Modwiz125 

“Physics John Keely or “Physics phonons vibrations”

About physics, in which two sisters-waves, sound and mechanical, go inseparable. Сергей Балденков

Vaccini: Dalla culla alla tomba di Marcello Pamio

First Photo of Dome Firmament Above Flat Earth

How is it possible? I got the first photo of THE biblical dome! Well, the first PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE one. It is something you can do too! I first believed…

Oops – Real North Pole Accidentally Revealed on Google Earth

Oops! Quick, look behind the curtain! Follow the Easter egg road to the north pole! It’s a crack in the CGI curtain of deception. Take a peek into reality…

How to “melt” stones sound, p.1.

Workers video technology of the ancients. For not understanding the word “melt” here we have the literary sense, as the trace has the appearance of melted. The stone is…

The ancient technology

The film’s-explanation of the antediluvian technology of the ancients. In two words: “The vibration of the mass on resonance on the ground.” Сергей Балденков

Tartarians vs. Barbarians | UAP

To the giants, we were like ants, however we apparently were big twerps too. Welcome to 16th Century Antwerp. Maps weren’t new, the revisions were. I’m comparing paintings of…

The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg ~ English subtitles

Mystic Brew: Tartary Series – Pagans, the Bogey(wo)man of Antiquity, The Amazons, Tartaria/Olde Culture and Calling Walter Bosley

We might need a new cosmology” is an idea put forth by a youtuber and I would agree. The one we we born into has led us down an…

The Earth Plane (Italian)

The Earth Plane is a full-color illustrated science adventure story that follows a young boy and his grandfather through a series of scientific experiments and expeditions ending in an…


This is an updated 2019 Point of View of the Flat Earth Theory, from someone who has looked at it from all angles. I hope that we can grow…

MAGICK : Lost Ancient Science

This is my attempt to explain the most sacred art and science in a more modern way. Magick is such a vast subject and it can be hard to…


Table of Contents 00:17 – Intro 01:35 – The Suppression of Consciousness 03:34 – Atlantis and The Deluge 05:49 – The Irish, Roots of Astrotheology, The Aryan Race, 14:41 – Who are the Celts? 21:03 – Phoenicians and the Hyperboreans25:05 – SUMMARY

SECRET BLACK HISTORY/Moors/Fomorians/Lemurians

There is so much more than we know. NOBODY HAS A CLUE WHAT HAPPENED. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Please do not take this video in a negative…

Revisione “CGI immagini grafiche computerizzate, spiegazione”

Oops NASA Forgot to Edit an IFS Interview Stagehand Out

Whoops, 4th wall broken again, this time by a stagehand, who seems to defy anti-gravity since he’s not wearing a harness.

Mud Flood Chat – Stellium7 – Gigantic creatures of the past

The Androgynous Race

I go over the Androgynous race. A secret that has been preserved through Allegory and Myth.

How Big Oil Conquered the World

RANSCRIPT AND SOURCES:  From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that…

PISTONO, il robot che prepara la catastrofe.

Il vero killer è il Pistono che è in noi. Lui è solo un macrochip. Breve considerazione sulle dinamiche con cui il potere si svela, restando segreto.

Megalithic Softening of Stone

Approvata la riforma del copyright


Quando una persona muore, lascia dietro di se il ricordo che vive nella memoria e nell’affetto delle persone che lo hanno conosciuto e amato e nel valore delle sue…


Banca Veneciana I: El FMI del medievo que mató a millones de personas – Jorge Guerra