Ghosts of Hyperborea: – The Real Ghosts in 432hz

“Ghosts of Hyperborea” is a mini-series which explores the various connections between the North Pole, the shadow of the subconscious, the war between angels and demons, and how it all relates to the cosmic process of divine reclamation through experience–the very human experience we’ve been living.

PART 1 In the first installment, we reveal the relationship between shadow beings, the rebellion of the Fallen Angels, the Aurora Borealis and the Japanese Yurei ghost. We introduce the turmoil of a fallen Feminine energy, & how it relates to the projected fallen consciousness we know as “evil”.

PART 2 In the second installment, we discuss the lesser-known woman of the biblical story of Eden: Lilith. We relate her to the serpent, Mother Goddess, Sophia, the Arabian jinn, King Solomon, and what we term the “LuciferLilith 144 program” which has created shadows due to this feminine essence being imprisoned. We also describe various depictions of Lilith in films & tv shows.

*All music in this series is tuned to 432hz. This series is designed to instill the watcher with visual, audial, and spoken clues…it is an interactive unraveling of exoteric and esoteric knowledge. Enjoy!

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