Crater Earth 1) The Saturn Polar configuration

Just full english language & subs. Del 3 gen 2021 dal canale di Radiation Matters

Il video originale è sottotitolato stampato ma ci sono diversi segmenti di altro che non li avevano, così come il testo della canzone finale Black Hole Sun.

Following the work and research of Thunderboltsproject , the electric universe, and the Crater Earth concept by godgevlamste, i combine research into a video about the arrival of the Saturn parasite cult through an electrical charged arc, is this the arc of the covenant? This electrical discharge event is known as the ancient polar configuration. Our world has a history full of violence, wars and duality, in which humans are forced and challenged to reach full potentials in almost impossible conditions, triggering the dark side of our consiousness in repeating circles of manifestations which lead to pressurizing peoples hearts and compassion to its maximum limit. Are we following the serpents way into an alienated world or will we see through the deception and accept our world got infected long time ago, a new age is comming, a big reset they say, will we fight and protect our hearts torus field or will we succumb to the parasites forcefield and its New World Order? I say follow the heart, no fear and act in the name of love.

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the Crater Earth