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James Tyrell3 minutes ago

All I see is C.G.Images, still.
MyEcoLife4 minutes ago

And I heard you just say the Earth is a ball… There is a big difference between a ball and a circle… The face of the earth is a circle like a plate more or less or like one of those stamps they use to seal a letter with wax and a stamp… It’s even described in the Bible… Keep up the good work… Fabulous videos… it ceases to amaze me the never ending things we are learning these days… This just blows my mind that things are so massively much bigger than we could ever ever imagine
Jessica Dyer5 minutes ago

Yeah Jon Levi is how I got here too 🙋 Thanks for the intro to such an insane probably true theory btw. Freaking awesome work. Hats off 🎩
James8 minutes ago
Special thanks to Jon Levi for directing folks here. I’m a geologist. Your correlations do fit within geologic models of impacts, physiographic terrain formation on a vast planar and/or curving surface. Not sure of a globe, perhaps curvilinear. The level of lying, programming and deception is \”astronomical\” to use a pun. Thank you for your work.
aboxoffrogs13 minutes ago

to me… if you look at the image of the astronauts and the shuttle, it simply looks like a spotlight (the sun) hitting a flat surface 3:10 . The curvature is the roundness of the sun, it’s not the curvature of the Earth. The image you showed BEFORE that… well it is interesting and distinctly different from images with astronauts or spacecraft in the way. Just making observation and considering perspective.aboxoffrogs7 minutes agofyi… love your theories. I put them in the mix of my mind and they seem to like it…
Амбер Amber14 minutes ago

I wonder if the reason the billionaires all have expensive ships is because they are traversing the ice wall? Aristotle Onassis spent a lot of time down in Antartica he had a Whaling fleet. It is said he personally is responsible for wiping out the Blue Whale down to critically endangered level. He had friends in high places too, including Winston Churchill. Does make you wonder if they traverse the gateways.
Beyond The Ice Wall15 minutes ago

do a collab with crrow777 he has the best footage.. you should reach out to him
AK4718 minutes ago

bro please tell me you don’t actually think we live on a sphere because you are too smart for that bullshit lol
Barbara Ghiroli20 minutes ago

Absolutely AMAZING. Thanks to Jon as well! I found you thru him. My 15 yr old daughter told me men from Belgium are smart! Lol! I’m with you on this one! 👍🌻
dominic muscia20 minutes ago

yeah , i was investigating your theory alot of blurry images were involved. but now you completely lost me accrediting NASA fish eye lens footage nothing they put out over the years matches in anyway they always show us something different as technology improves. i dont see the resemblance from your crater theory in the video, even if I did we cannot trust the cgi they gave us or that you gave us of the moon
Rae g.21 minutes ago

I just found out about this yesterday. I watched about 5 videos yesterday continuing today. What I don’t understand is how did they get this footage? Did they leave our dome? Were they able to go out somehow and get this footage? Thanks.
Happy Corona-Virus25 minutes ago

Do you think there is a ‘God’ then or something after this life? Would you say then that nothing in the bible can be trusted? Is there a way to know ‘God’ in this life?
Beyond The Ice Wall29 minutes ago

greetings! you cant go up, only sideways my friends
eyona132 minutes ago

…ALL RIGHTS RESERVED… Again they use fish eye lense… Never A Straight Answer… Yes It is because of Jon that I started to watch your channel, credit to him indeed but also To The Most High His Spirit of Truth. You don’t have to believe me but many who Love the Truth are seeing past the veil. I still see a flat stretch. They can skew and use Premiere as well. I do appreciate your theory but beyond fake ball circus I cant stand with it.. The parasite is the fallen, they taught mankind all we know all the wicked and abominable un-natural acts that violate creation and in doing so they await JUDGEMENT, We The Children of The Most High fear not for we know who we pray to while the others know not. WE MUST LOVE TRUTH I do really want to Thank you for the unique and compelling arguments that actually do to the extent of the geography line up with ancient manuscripts such as The Travels of Noah Thru Europe circa i602… And Enoch/HANUK 1 cosmlology even the lamentation of abraham says other \”realms\” which no man has lived… Flashforward to predictive programming show I watched from illuminati puppet called raised by wolves, please watch opening closely and well the rest you decide SPOILER Just watched trailer (adversary invisible made flesh, plans of crater population) much of the beast at work! Stay safe and Please share more if u can Be led by The Spirit of Truth All will be well Thank You SHALUM
Dick Riley33 minutes ago

I think you’re circling right over the top of it… good job.
TheMatrix002235 minutes ago

Why are the images from earth so much more clear than the Shuttles? Why does the Shuttles video seem to have clouds but from earth the images are cloudless and clear? Could NASA be providing doctored video of godgevlamste’s truth?
Jordan W35 minutes ago

Imagine what Felix Baumgartner witnessed during that RED BULL space jump.
Shpinzy Productions43 minutes ago

Horizon should drop when going up, even on a giant Ball
Valiente43 minutes ago

If the cat is out of the box then yes let them admit it to us! But as long as the images provided are from prerecording clips that show images thousands of miles away, the question you raise is highly debatable. And leads the viewer with a sense of confusion. We look for solid understandings that leaves you something solid to hold on to, this does not!
Eric Smith45 minutes ago

Now all of the sudden I think your safety is the most important thing. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! YOU DESERVE THE HIGEST HONOR FROM ALL OUR PEOPLE!
Allison Lester45 minutes ago

The wobble would be the reason for the tides. If we live on a bigger earth, the crater could contain the water and keep it in. Absolutely nothing I have ever researched has made sense about the moon EXCEPT for your theory.
Figu Wolf46 minutes ago

FlaTubeZ52 minutes ago

No, sorry but it doesn’t match up. Even if both those clips were real footage, shuttle would have to be many thousands of miles up in order to show all our continents and oceans on such tiny portion of land. It clearly ain’t that high. Those are clouds and it can be animated with software like Terragen.
Eric Smith57 minutes ago

Steffi Marshall58 minutes ago

Holy $H*#t Batman!!!! We must get the bat mobile and get out of this cave!!! Excellent find! Bless all those helping our eyes to see💪⚔️😘🤗🤗👍👏👏🎉🕵️🎉
MyEcoLife1 hour ago
thanks for this amazing Discovery… Only started watching your Channel less than a week ago and I probably watched all of your videos about this topic by now… don’t forget all of this was created by our GOD… You need to get into biblical research and studies also… I spent my whole life not believing… I finally was woken up a few years ago… GOD put you on this Earth for a reason and maybe this is it
Papa Bear1 hour ago

In the video \”we live on bigger earth\” one of the photos reminded me of \”Lingams\” with their shape and the fact they are always surrounded by water may be an interesting similarity?Амбер Amber10 minutes agoYes Praveen Mohan’s channel is a great one if you want to know more about Lingams and the Yoni bases. I love both this channel and Praveen Mohan his knowledge of ancient hindu knowledge is fascinating. It would be fantastic if Wim and Praveen could have time to discuss their ideas. Maybe Praveen could give additional ideas to support this theory.
Gabriel Wimmershoff1 hour ago

Where on the moon is this particular crater, what’s close to it, you should be reaching out to \” bruce see’s all \”
Channel, he has a telescope could get some very detailed images of this crater for you.
He is seeing atmosphere and all kinds of structures, he’s honest and a decent kind man.
This would help your work and his.
keith lamont1 hour ago

jaffa tyree1 hour ago

YEH, Looks like the \”Veil That Coverth\”, AS the Dark Cabals Illusory Starry Firmament Above,
is Beginning, With the aid of a New 20/20 Mental Vision, \”Too Thin\”.!!. 🌐👀 baa.!.🐑💨 BAAH.!!.🐑💦
Rattle Shakti1 hour ago

Sorry buddy I was nearly on board with the crater stuff but this footage proves nothing to me, all the stuff NASA is putting out seems fake to me, no, I’m not convinced but I will keep following you to see if you can come up with something better than this. Good luck.
grammapat1 hour ago

This would explain a lot of missing gold! Fort Knox is empty, the Vatican is empty, the Crown of England , Mormon gold hidden in tunnels, etc, etc. They used and are still using taxes, tithes and offerings for their own evil purposes and frankly I say Good Riddens to bad rubbish!!!! Thanks so very much for all you are doing! God bless. Now humanity just has to learn to get along because the changes they are a comin!!!
Lucas Pickford1 hour ago

I want to know what is illuminating the bigger earth! Where is that light shining down on the clouds coming from? What is the sun we see in the sky? I just don’t know.
Tyr1 hour ago
crater sounds Ka-Ra-tor.
Ben A. Berean1 hour ago

The dome has a smaller diameter, the closer you get to the top. If the sun is bright enough, it could reflect off of the far side of the dome. Your 2nd sun is smaller (reflection would be dimmer) … and the reflection of the sun would be moving \”the opposite direction\” of the ACTUAL sun i think ((right??))… and therefore the \”reflection sun\” could still rise in the East in Americas!? Maybe????

Furthermore … Regarding The Book of Enoch, this scenario would require TWO NAMES when referring to ONE SUN. i.e. Some form of \”The Sun\” … and some form of \”The Reflected Sun\”. With NO WAY to discuss or refer to it concisely otherwise. Two names, one luminary. Likewise for The Moon and its FOUR NAMES … populating Solomon’s Star PERFECTLY!? Maybe????

You have some VERY Fancy Footwork Captain … Keep walking, sir!!!


Ben A. Berean
awd341 hour ago
you’ve had had your mask on too long
freedumb free1 hour ago

Not a ball, just more EDITED fisheye lense bullshit. You’ve been dooped.
Darkness Radiation1 hour ago

Judgement. They should have told you truth. And it only gets worse. Poor things. You creatures must rise already. Go to nature already. The trees. Tap in. Just go within. Easier said, than done. I get it. But, just try. Face your demons. Feed on true light. Go with your heart. Cry. And really mean it.
Donald Odom1 hour ago
So, we live in a crater on a ball planet. I can buy that. As good a theory as any that are acceptable today. I watched and enjoyed your entire playlist. Perhaps a book?
the6thside oftheplanet1 hour ago

Look at Salvador Dali’s painting. Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate one second before waking up 1944. And look at the moon. Its looks like Antarctica! Dali and Disney where good buddies
Aaron Huskey1 hour ago
I like the alt view and ideas. We don’t know what we are living on exactly. I’m not sold on any ideas except that we are not on a globe as presented to us since birth. A globe is always shoved in our faces, along with the dinosaurs. I will stick with the Creator Yahuah. \”Who can measure creation?\” Believe whatever you want to believe. Side note…I watched a brain tickler about the idea that Walt Disney played the part of Adolf Hitler. Not sold on that either, but interesting. JFK and Jimmy Carter…same guy?
Peter James Lee1 hour ago
Please create a back up channel now ! YouTube is the most heavily governmental controlled and owned property , it will not of gone unnoticed that overnight a huge majority of subscribers followed you from another channel – stay safe
John Lemon & The Sourtones1 hour ago

Very interesting theory… just trying to wrap my head around the distance the astronauts would have to be from the \”bigger earth\” to get that footage…

Subbed your channel… Q of C gave you a plug..
#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney1 hour ago

Did you see my giants !! They couldn’t live in this little puddle!
It couldn’t sustain them or the elephants !!!
This new shuttle evidence is awesome but I need NO convincing
Plus Tunguska was the destruction of a horse and rider
https://www.facebook.com/groups/271724746954200/permalink/759621951497808/#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney1 hour agohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsTgjNQBP6Q
Peter James Lee1 hour ago

Another great upload ! Thankyou and I’m very happy that you weathered the tsunami of followers that followed from John please keep it coming your so brave to put this content out for us to see ❤️
Steel Cryptos1 hour ago

Is that water everywhere??? Or just the “atmosphere” .
Den Wiessimo1 hour ago

\”Open the gates or face the consequences\” and the horizon goes from concave to convex hahaha!
F.E. Bryson Casey1 hour ago

What size lens is the camera and it’s field of view? Ball like a baseball?
Jessica Dyer1 hour ago

Fascinating work holy crap.
Jessica Dyer1 hour ago

This stuff is like coming outa the rabbit hole into a whole brand new million times longer rabbit hole.
Joseph Cavanaugh2 hours ago

and also youy have to figure the curved lens effect of the camera. it is also above one or two domes. the way the light reflects thru these multiple domes could give a spinning effect? idk. thank you. quite a lot to take in. i mean the size of the earth. ive been in a airplane numerous times. when i was young teen and younger. not with the mindset i have now. but i remember thinking the earth went on forever.
Legion James2 hours ago
They make everything look like a ball. Doesnt make it a ball. Most likely cause is a fish eye lense like they used the red bull space jump(proven)
paramon0012 hours ago
Great Video. Now just a few issues:

How would the Sun be working on this model since that would bring about scenarios where the whole \”Earth Crater\” would necessarily have to be in full darkness for extended hours unless of course our Sun is much lower than the Astronauts are and it is localised.

I like the idea of the crater Earth but still I would be more inclined to see it and or our system work on \”flat sandwiched ez water planes\” with Crater or \”Pond Earths\” due to all the inherent problems tied to a \”ball\”.

How do the Astronauts stay in high altitudes / vacuums?
Do we have to get into the theory of gravity? Were they using high altitude balloons or gliding through the air to take those shots?

So many questions ……
Cosmic Surfer2 hours ago
As a flat earth supporter I can tell you that it points more towards a flat earth than you think. Give it some thought. And do look into the blue sky ice that’s was being researched. 👍
MICHAEL .B2 hours ago

https://youtu.be/IQL53eQ0cNA sounds of planets and stars its flat mate made for you and me wake up the world is yours
Edward Gibbon2 hours ago
Jaw hitting the floor – I am in the most amazing movie ever produced. I always told people to remember that the truth will just make fiction look cheesy and be way more amazing. All the flat earthers – we have to use our psychology as a clue though. So many flat earthers just want to say \”oh well, we will never know, its all a matrix….\” it reminds me of the zombies not waking up to the commie takeover of the world. They always have a justification and excuse. The Sphere planet idea is much more effective at explaining many phenomenon. We are not in a matrix – we are in a natural world, with laws and cause and effect, and PARASITISM, competition, evolution….. the things we see in our garden outside our window is REAL. Just expand bigger and bigger. Of COURSE hominids and primates are evolving and competing and playing monkey games with each other, DOMINATING resources through the ultimate lie and prank. This theory rings TRUE – and it has a way forward. We can find evidence of this. I remember a flat earther getting a device to measure if we are rotating or not….whatsit called, a gyroscope thingy…. they were stunned to see that in fact it measured them moving through space and rotating, which would be hard to explain any other way. It was just on a much bigger level, a much bigger planet than they thought. Flat earth is a dead end – who built it? Why? Just to torment creatures? Some horrible God made a jail for us and we can never know? How is this God anything but evil then? No, no, this is all nature – it’s all competition – it’s just INCREDIBLE and our WORLD and it will CHANGE EVERYTHING. I have said for ten years now \”Human beings don’t know the lay of the land\”…. I didn’t quite know it was LITERAL!! It totally explains all the human deception and cults. This is the knowledge they give cult members at the very end. This explains why they would lie to their own people – to dominate with infinite resources, to control the whole world and do whatever they want with these slaves. We can fight back! We can get answers! I believe people’s psychology is desperate to give up for some reason. I was never like that. Flat earth stunk to me, like a tribe, a cult, a cult of people just saying \”well screw it its the matrix and we cant do anything, go home.\” They were also trying to shoehorn in the Christian Bible and cling to it. That’s human shortcoming I see all over, even with the people falling for the current pathogen deception. This is the actual truth – welcome to Crater Earth my fellow prisoners!!!!! PS – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO HUMANITY
Den Wiessimo2 hours ago

Als het een krater is, hoe kom je dan met een boot over de rand vraag ik me af?
*Dat bedoel je waarschijnlijk niet, maar waarom een boot ipv een vliegtuig?
Cynthia Wood2 hours ago

Thanks Brother…!
Feed Your Mind 22 hours ago
You can’t prove it’s a ball earth. Here’s a clue, prove a ball earth without using nasa or any other space agency. You can’t. Plus there’s tons of proof on my channel that EARTH IS FLAT!!
Becky Dorius2 hours ago

I’v watched all your videos, thank you!!!! And thank you Jon!! I heard a similar theory from Math Powerland , years ago, about how there are more pockets of other earth planes on the flat earth, but all of your genius adds so much more truths! Mind blowing! Thanks again!
Pneumatic Autist2 hours ago
O ya look at that your sub count almost doubled from when i started watching your vids on Sunday, i think it was 6 or 8 thousand then? Congratulations!
Justin Evans2 hours ago

It’s a beach ball not a marble
T C2 hours ago
I love the theory. Just imagine seeing proof Over the hills!
hongry life2 hours ago

There is also the Brazilian scientists’ theory about convex earth. They suggest that their bowl model earth flies through space again, sp they cannot let go yet of the dictated space theory. I think it is to ridicule truth. Their model could contain truth though, and it also shows a basin with our known continents in it (and maybe different or more) and a 2nd basin in the bowl (crater, hole, depression)hongry life2 hours agohttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8Fjaq3i9PAA2tRPttluww
paul McGregor2 hours ago

Great video. Thank u…keep it coming
Victorio Cariolenti2 hours ago
Hello, please activate the translation !!!
Yamku2 hours ago
Watched Johnny English and Pascal Savauge presented a digital representation of a prison population similar shape to our prison with a doorway at the southern section. The doorway look identical to Disney park doorway.
Truth Me2 hours ago
Thank you for the mind-blowing videos… Your insight is amazing to put it mildly!
Meesh Gleeson2 hours ago
thank you to the brave soul who spoke up and thank you sir for sharing this crucial info w/us
Joseph SMITH2 hours ago

Never give it a rest until we leave?
Duckie Hellfire2 hours ago
The Walt Disney’s center video. I seen it before. Its the Wheel of Giants in the Golden Heights. They letting it rot away. I have a feeling its a map of the world. Perhaps someone came from the other side here and left it there as a reminder for other generations to follow hence yellow brick road is Golden Heights. Maybe you could start a go fund me and start and expedition to fly and land and record it all. (Gold map) yellow brick road. Golden Height. Wheel of Giants. Large planet or map. Something def there.Duckie Hellfire53 minutes agoGet ready for this. The Voynich Manuscript. It also has maps of joining worlds in it. Plus a language no one can decode and flora no one has ever see. This could be people coming here. And guess the owner. Athanasius Kircher also was looking for Atlantis. Using an Egyptian map appears to be the ant.Arctica. so we have Walt’s map. A map in a strange book and golden heights wheel of giants. It seems Kircher was onto the same thing as you. Somehow a book was made on the other side. But that would mean. We are not alone here.Timothy Farad51 minutes agoPerhaps there was a time when it was common knowledge. Maybe there was freedom to travel across the realm. Is it possible that someone knew what the parasites were going to do and left a clue. If so, should there be more clues?Duckie Hellfire28 minutes agoPS this book also has details on how the moon and sun worksDuckie Hellfire21 minutes ago@Timothy Farad I’m downloading this manual again to have a look with new eyes. I hope there is more
Level Earth Observer2 hours ago
You cite iss footage as evidence lol.
URbeingspRAID2 hours ago
I think your on to something great ❤✌👍👍
Morrigan2 hours ago
John Levi sent me……so glad he did…
rick Woods2 hours ago
you must know of August Piccard saying it looked like a large plaine with an upturned edge?
Exploring Dimensions 4 All2 hours ago
There was a news article that came across my feed today which claimed that the moon was ‘rusting’ because of ‘oxygen received from earth.’ Scientists were apparently stumped, so one idea proposed that the oxygen was getting ‘from’ the earth ‘to’ the moon via a magnetic field of some sort. More disclosure? Did anyone else see that news? https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/oxygen-from-the-earth-may-be-rusting-the-moons-surface/Christopher Morrissey2 hours agoRevelation 6:12 12I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red,Exploring Dimensions 4 All1 hour ago@Christopher Morrissey Interesting!
Blue pillin N chillin !2 hours ago
@godgevlamste ,
Your last video from 1 week ago (Titled- Crater earth and split off society) has been blocked in the UK and possibly other European countries.
This video was blocked as it contains content fro. ITV_plc .

Is there Any chance that you would be so kind to uploading it to bitchute, as ive watched the other 26 in tbe playlist, thanks
Carl2 hours ago

BIOGRAPHY OF ADMIRAL RICHARD BYRD & EXPLORATION OF ANTARCTIC 77904 23:07YZR T2 hours agoRead the book the world beyond the poles by amadeo f gianini
Greg Scott2 hours ago

You may find this interesting, in the Gospel of Judas, Gnostic Texts, Jesus is speaking to Judas and mentions 5 other Firmaments with the possibility of 360 Firmaments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NPq7EjWsbA
mike peterson2 hours ago
ISS video footage……..hehehe
henry30002 hours ago
seems like another bullshit rabbit hole to me !
UniBomber Bear2 hours ago

If NASA is all like poking around Antarctica and acting all suspiscious , that means look to the N. Pole for the Ice wall. I know how NASA rolls.hongry life2 hours agoI think of Greenland and North Pole too to pay attention to. Greenland is the highest mountain on earth as it seems,, it’s that big and high. Except for a supposed mountain on Antarctica that we probably never will see or reach, so not verifiable. The aurora could point to electricity, light, maybe chemical reactions (burn or other).
332 hours ago
If it is a round earth it doesn’t explain how the stars go in a circle around polarise. Maybe it’s a fish eye lens or go pro camera. Other than that the crater theory works for me. Nice one 👋👋👋👍hongry life2 hours ago1Check the ‘straight’ solar panels, they bend. Surely a fisheye lens is used.332 hours ago1@hongry life yeah man they bend its a fish eyed lens its flat!
IRS MEDIA2 hours ago

Here’s my analysis on this video if anyone is interested
20 mins
Supernatural Life2 hours ago
Thank you for your research but nothing in your video shows the Earth is round. it just shows we have a larger Earth, the reason why the Sun shows a Circle Earth is because the Sun is round, Obviously the Earth is much larger.
Bombaclaat Gatofish2 hours ago
This is absolutely amazing to learn. But i wouldn’t be so quick to assume a ball shaped earth. Aside from that, this crater is the most mindblowing and exciting piece of the puzzle I’ve seen!hongry life2 hours agocrater: \”First coined 1613, from Latin crātēr (“basin”), from Ancient Greek κρᾱτήρ (krātḗr, “mixing-bowl, wassail-bowl”).\” Basically it is any large, roughly circular depression or hole.
A krater in history is a vessel for mixing water and wine.Enrico Friske1 hour ago@hongry life crater from greek: kratos \”Dominion, Reign, Order, Power\”
Democratic=demos kratos-public order
Creator=Crater maker? (Cre meaning Christ=peacful silent not moving rest)(Tor meaning Door also meaning Jesus because Thor is jupiThor is Jupiter is Zeus/jeSus)
Creator means ChristJesus its literally the same words 🤔hongry life1 hour ago@Enrico Friske Some things come together, I forgot about the -crater and -cracy etc, the ruling indication. The water and wine parables, basin and baptize tales, the holy grail, it all points to our world being a vessel (crater/krater).

I find it interesting that creator seems to have ‘creo’ (and maybe crea form) origin:
From Middle English creatour, from Old French creator, creatur, creatour, from Latin creātor, agent noun from perfect passive participle creātus (“created”), from verb creō (“I create”) + agent suffix -or.

Creo makes me think of ‘believe’ (Spanish for believe, set up/establish, put together, create/make) and of ‘crayon’ (pencil) for example.
craie (“chalk”) +‎ -on (diminutive), from Latin crēta (“chalk, clay”), from crētus.

Maybe also refers to Creo le (plural Creoles)\r
\r(apparently it’s black AND white)
A descendant of white European settlers who is born in a colonized country. [from 17th c.] \r
Anyone with mixed ancestry born in a country colonized by white Europeans, now especially one who speaks a creole language. [from 18th c.]\r
Someone of black African descent who is born in the Caribbean or Americas (originally as opposed to an African immigrant). [from 18th c.]\r
A native-born of Francophone descent in the Louisiana territory of any race, as opposed to Anglo-American and Acadian settlers.Enrico Friske49 minutes agoInteresting so what you are saying is that holy comes from hole because it looks like a hole 🤔hongry life46 minutes ago@Enrico Friske Lol, who knowshongry life38 minutes ago@Enrico Friske The symbol for Jupiter looks like number 24 to me. It could be a sickle with a cross/star. Also it looks a bit like the Saturn symbol upside down. Or they both have the 2 shape in them plus a cross (on opposite corners in diagonal way).
Idk where this goes, just some observations 🙂hongry life31 minutes agohttps://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Iuppiter#Latin Interesting info. dyews does have sound of Jews maybe, father of jews, of the ‘bright’.
JK2 hours ago
Great Content !! So is our \”world\” on the top of the globe so that it turns like a record on a turntable ??? So OUR section is flatish but the bigger ball is round ?? Any thoughts, insight would be greatly appreciated.
constantin vranceanu3 hours ago

mulțumesc mult Jon „Romînia„
Davidi 0073 hours ago
For all the new people sent here from Matt from Quantum of Conscience & JonLevi, I highly recommend that you go back and watch all of Godgevlamste’s videos in order from 2 years ago until current, it’s an unfolding story that builds upon itself video by video.keith lamont1 hour ago1100% with you on that!energy phocused1 hour ago2DefinitelyThe Warrior 197837 minutes ago3I have started. My friend even sent a link to this channel. 👍🇬🇧
Carl3 hours ago

Look On Youtube for Admiral Richard Byrd Antarctic Research 26954 By Periscope Films pause at 6:49 and 6:50 into the Video!!!
queensberry Q3 hours ago
This also explains why fossil fuel dependence is so important to those in control, if we had anti gravity capabilities, we could go anywhere we wanted? Like, beyond our barriers or walls. Think about it.B.A.M2 hours ago2They could also be hiding this tech from us…

IM and IS engines


http://appft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PG01&S1=%22infinitymatrix%22&OS=%22infinitymatrix%22&RS=%22infinitymatrix%22 Armany777772 hours ago2it’s not \”fossil\” fuel, petroleum does Not come from remains of fossils. it is just called that to imply scarcity……. same with diamonds (all marketing)queensberry Q2 hours ago2@Armany77777 ok well you know what I’m saying. For lack of better terms its fossil fuel. For the sake of the point im making. Me and you understand its not from decayed biological material, but most people dont. So again. For sake of the point I’m making. I call it fossil fuel.
IRS MEDIA3 hours ago
Keep it up, we’re backing up all your videos and sharing them. I did a follow up video with my own analysis after watching all your videos. I’m uploading now.
ody oden3 hours ago
Mean Jean3 hours ago

This would also make sense why a lot of these liftoffs from cape Canaveral ive seen seem to shoot over to the ocean and not \”up.\” Are they merely going over to another crater?hongry life2 hours ago2‘Space’ means any extent of area, it doesn’t contain a direction.
hongry life3 hours ago

The solar panels are bent by distortion camera, so the earth’s surface is not necessarily that curved (or curved at all).
Havoc0073 hours ago
I agree alot with your videos minus the ball earth, in this video no stars no satellite’s,,, filmed in a fish eye lens…. I do like the idea of the crater theory would make sense why they try and hide more land. More land means people we’ve never seen and that means there could be human hybrid type peole,,,, just my opinion
Franz M3 hours ago

I watched your nee arc, look into the windowless tower in nyc an its location is it on the lay lines of soloman cube?
queensberry Q3 hours ago
Also, look into the sumarian clay tablet maps!!!! Also read chariots of gods by Erich vin daniken. This explains the crash landing made so much better than them leaving a distant planet and landing on earth, rather crashing back to the same place they left. Also, trump uses Q, which fits over our crater perfect. So many things make sense now
Daniel Acsinte3 hours ago
You forget something. All of nasa footage is filmed with fish eye lens.hongry life2 hours ago5That in itself is already proof of Nasa being amateurs with a bad cam.Lucas Pickford1 hour ago1I thought the same exact thing.Lps Layla T58 minutes ago3They released one video with a rope in the shot. And even the rope was curved due to the fisheye! Lol
Cody Chismark3 hours ago

Clouds are not as high as they say so they might be craters. I live on a hill at 1000 ft elevation and am much closer to the clouds than in the valley that sits only 700ft.
caza00caza3 hours ago
Watched all your videos since Jon Levi spread your work. I am in belief that what you propose is the truth. I get held up when thinking of the relocation of the Americas. Hawaii is an 8 hour flight from California and a 4.5 hour flight from New Zealand but now they are supposed to be on opposite sides of your world map. Maybe flight times are altered by flying routes that are based on bs when flying to the Americas
Амбер Amber3 hours ago
Thanks to you and Jon Levi…great thought provoking work.
Jupiter 213 hours ago
I’ve been saying it’s either flat or we are in a small pond on a even bigger plane. More land.Vividness/Vivi’s mess3 hours ago6Yup. Seems obvious that there must be some ‘extra terra’ somewhere, in order for there to be (a word like) extraterrestrials, right.? 🤷‍♀️😅#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney1 hour ago2Without a single doubt I have way too much more evidence#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney1 hour ago2MORE EVIDENCE THEY ALL KNOW!
Ed Sheeran has announced the birth of his first child with his wife Cherry Seaborn. The couple’s \”beautiful and healthy daughter\” Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran was born last week, Sheeran wrote on Instagram Tuesday.trappedinroom 1011 hour ago3#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney
People have a habit of naming their children after where they were conceived….I’m guessing Ed’s in the gang allowed to travel in and out of this prison realm!!!

The sheer scale of this entire deception is utterly sickening!

At least those of us watching these videos will know where to go ‘hunting’ if they steal our children! Or at least we’ll know roughly anyway! They’re not Instituting all this scary legislation for nothing!

And just as when they shipped out the woman and orphans to all these deserted cities after the mud floods….are they about to do it again and ‘Plant’ or ‘seed’ all their new stolen land with brainwashed children??? They’ve already done it in the past within this world. I’m guessing it’s why the pedo’s have been sexualising and ‘grooming’ our children!!! They are absolute monsters and parasites.

Stay safe 🙂💕👍🏻BeeZus On Da Beats39 minutes ago1Same here, ppl really don’t listen, most ppl are really dumb you know, we have to be real with ourselves, it’s the only way we’ll be able to start solving things!!! Much love ✌🏾
Tiffany Sells3 hours ago
I remember when you only had 700 subscribers…. CONGRATS 🎊🍾🎈 My friend 12k subbies🥳🚀💫
:Hans – Beimler.3 hours ago

another dogma by clever intelligence goons. DISMISSED !!!hongry life2 hours ago1First watch all vids. And always keep the mind open before you know absolute truth..:Hans – Beimler.2 hours ago@hongry life sure. lol. one like this is enough. have fun with your masonic teachers. (-:hongry life1 hour ago1@:Hans – Beimler. I am not someone saying no in advance (like you seem to do). I study the material and then decide what to keep of it.
andrestats3 hours ago
Thank you brother for your videos I really think you are on to something
Wildinout Trmp20203 hours ago

You and John are on the forefront of this,keep up the good work brother!!! #WWG1WGA #QanonRyan Huddleston3 hours agoSmh
Alex Pletcher3 hours ago

just thrilling
Kimber Black3 hours ago
Good theory and I believe it’s right; however, no one has cracked the dome and gone into ‘space’…..Christopher Morrissey2 hours ago5its not space. they just go out over a bigger earth. that is why the shuttles turn sideways and go out not up. the \”dome could still be there.
Gabriel James3 hours ago
Susel3 hours ago
my new favorite channel! The mystery of reality never gets boring!
TONY KUKOC3 hours ago
God, ok i’m a flat earther but i love your research. You must tell us where the big ball is (the big earth) and if is rotating.
Plus i world like to know how a plain can flyfrom us to japan.
Thanks and keep show us your interesting theory!talking red rock2 hours agoI took a plane to Asia and we went North! I asked the airline attendant and she said it was because of winds. LoL
G6 Moto3 hours ago

El sol no es la única fuente de luz en esta prisión. Por qué nadie dice nada ? Tampoco se refleja la luz del sol en la luna !
Yu Suk Mi Hof3 hours ago
Honestly I’m not surprised if even part of this crater theory is true. The only part I have a problem with is taking the leap to say we know the “overworld’s” shape. Especially when using anything from NASA obviously. I literally don’t trust anything from NASA or any other agency. There’s clear intent on hiding our realm from us.
Secondly, when we factor in giants, the types of massive technology and structures that have and could have been built should blow anyone’s mind. It really limits our ability to know where we actually are. Beings 30 feet or more could have built insane things if you contrast to the incredible things we can build right now. Now, what if those giants were also trying to hide our realm as well? Honestly think about the ramifications of that. Frankly it ultimately doesn’t matter in the sense we regular people will probably never know for sure. We need to take care of what we got here first.UniBomber Bear3 hours ago5NASA Lies more than a crackhead helping you look for your wallet he stole hours earlier.hongry life2 hours ago5Maybe the whole of the moon is reflection of the whole of the earth, as for example Sergios studio 10 channel says, though the features could be read in various ways, not just 1 possible as he thinks.
We always see the same pic. So yes, I can believe that there is correlation between earth’s surface and what we see of the moon. Don’t know yet what or how exactly though.Edward Gibbon2 hours ago3We have to use our psychology as a clue though. So many flat earthers just want to say \”oh well, we will never know, its all a matrix….\” it reminds me of the zombies not waking up to the commie takeover of the world. They always have a justification and excuse. The Sphere planet idea is much more effective at explaining many phenomenon. We are not in a matrix – we are in a natural world, with laws and cause and effect, and PARASITISM, competition, evolution….. the things we see in our garden outside our window is REAL. Just expand bigger and bigger. Of COURSE hominids and primates are evolving and competing and playing monkey games with each other, DOMINATING resources through the ultimate lie and prank. This theory rings TRUE – and it has a way forward. We can find evidence of this. I remember a flat earther getting a device to measure if we are rotating or not….whatsit called, a gyroscope thingy…. they were stunned to see that in fact it measured them moving through space and rotating, which would be hard to explain any other way. It was just on a much bigger level, a much bigger planet than they thought. Flat earth is a dead end – who built it? Why? Just to torment creatures? Some horrible God made a jail for us and we can never know? How is this God anything but evil then? No, no, this is all nature – it’s all competition – it’s just INCREDIBLE and our WORLD and it will CHANGE EVERYTHING. I have said for ten years now \”Human beings don’t know the lay of the land\”…. I didn’t quite know it was LITERAL!! It totally explains all the human deception and cults. This is the knowledge they give cult members at the very end. This explains why they would lie to their own people – to dominate with infinite resources, to control the whole world and do whatever they want with these slaves. We can fight back! We can get answers! I believe people’s psychology is desperate to give up for some reason. I was never like that. Flat earth stunk to me, like a tribe, a cult, a cult of people just saying \”well screw it its the matrix and we cant do anything, go home.\” They were also trying to shoehorn in the Christian Bible and cling to it. That’s human shortcoming I see all over, even with the people falling for the current pathogen deception. This is the actual truth – welcome to Crater Earth my fellow prisoners!!!!! PS – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO HUMANITYVespasian Augustus2 hours agoBro lolz at your namehongry life1 hour agoThe giants is an interesting subject. So many folk tales about them and also physical evidence in the form of the huge buildings that still stand, up to entrance of 10-20 meters high, until said 1930 houses with ceilings of 3 meters high instead of the current standard of 2,3 meters. So I do believe in previous giant inhibitors also, until proven not to be true.
I combine it with the mud flow researches. I may be that most if not all giants were killed in a massive worldwide disaster. Are we being scaled down?
History as we know it is a lie to me, plus useless remembering of names of self proclaimed ruling class only. Media still writes fake history on daily base. The monks did that some centuries ago, plus they managed to lose all original works after having copy-written a book or manuscript.hongry life1 hour ago@Edward Gibbon Yes, I agree. We have to go on in the search and let go of what is not fitting or holding us back.Lucas Pickford1 hour agohongry life Agreed. I don’t understand exactly how the reflection works on the dome. Why don’t we see the clouds on the bigger earth? Why is it in black and white? Etchongry life48 minutes ago@Lucas Pickford Maybe it is like an edge map or height maps only detecting some features and not all details. Idk, I would have to study light and reflection, colors and radiation/frequencies some more 🙂paramon00139 minutes ago@Edward Gibbon True but then with a ball Earth be it the ground or the Big Sun that is spinning it would still need to take 24 hours to make a revolution and if you (the Earth / ground) are spinning a gyroscope will tell you.

So lets isolate the facts:

1- We are NOT spinning / moving a gyroscope can settle that question easily.

2- Whichever model you use only a small local Sun fits the bill, shadows tell you so.
3- A ball Earth however gigantic would still need the blessing of the \”theory of gravity\” and water always finds its level ie where is flat, upright or slanting?
4- It is the Sun that revolves around us.
5- The secret seems to be about the different states of water. The highly pressurised dense waters at the bottom of the oceans which by the way are quite different from other ordinary waters seem to be the source from where Soil / plants originate. At that level of density rocks float just like one floats on the Dead Sea.

My Conclusions:
I have absolutely no problem with crater or Island Earths on a much bigger plane but not on a ball shape.

We live on sheets of planes of waters separated by layers of atmospheres. Proof in point even the radar waves of submarines \”bounce off\” the different \”layers of water\”. The differences in densities between the subsequent water layers cause differences in electrical charges that in turn cause the water currents, that cause the Electricity and magnetism that generates the Sun (and Moon) which occurs at a focal point in the rare gas layers. That is why there can be light without the sun. It is the focal concentrated point of the light but the area / atmosphere around it also luminescences.

There are other planes both above and below ours. The clouds hold billions of litres of water suspended effortlessly above our heads. That is exactly how the planes are separated from each other.

The Moon very well might reflect a large section of this plane. The idea is VERY interesting.
mackenzie Bell3 hours ago
They use a fish eye lenses so why is there flat picture tooAaron Huskey1 hour agoNASA’s video looks fishy to me.
Sweater Vest Fest3 hours ago
So the earth is bigger than the sun?
mistersolarpv3 hours ago
I really enjoy your work bro. I have found it to be very healthy in a place where lies seem to be the only constant to consider ALL options.
MICHAEL .B3 hours ago

How fast are whe spinning if its that big and whe dont feal it hmmmm look at river under the sea hmmm waters from above and below sub did not get too go there like rocket with blue wave after it looks like he is going true water 🤭👍
JohnWD13 hours ago
NASA pics? Hum, i don’t belive in this. But i like you’re vids. Intresting.mackenzie Bell3 hours ago1Its flat just lies and truth with everythingDanielWarPaint3 hours ago1Afterall it’s still just
pictures, CGI etc.
Art Vandelay3 hours ago
It’s not a globe
Troll3 hours ago

@6:08 lol
James Fox3 hours ago
Great research. Keep it up
Dario Infurna3 hours ago
is a ball? how? water curves? my goodlucious Gainous3 hours agowater does not curve. use your brain
Sidi El Karchi3 hours ago
It can’t be a ball because of the water,no matter how big the scale is. Although I like the idea or theory of a way bigger or even endless plane with craters!Christopher Morrissey2 hours ago2but if the earth is much much bigger then yes water does make sense cause its too big for us to even understand. everything would look flat just do to the size. …. if the earth is rotating then how does the water actually stay on the earth when it reaches the sides. if the earth is as big as it seems then that means one thing. the sun must be man made cause how does it keep time over a giant earth.Sidi El Karchi2 hours ago2Christopher Morrissey thats impossibleSidi El Karchi2 hours ago2Bodies of water can’t support itself, no matter what scale it always needs to be containedChristopher Morrissey2 hours ago4@Sidi El Karchi i know thats what im saying. the first part i said is true about size being an issue but the second cant happen in reality. water will not stay on a ball no matter what forces are made up. i myself think its too big to even know what its shape is if it even has a shape. it could be forever. if it is a huge ball then the sun must be fake, not a \”star\”. how could it just shine over our little crater in perfect form. its a mind screw id admit.freedumb free1 hour ago2I agreeLucas Pickford1 hour ago1Christopher Morrissey I agree. Wim even thinks that there may be two “suns” just to illuminate our half of our crater. What is the sun?Chris Liljestrand1 hour ago1Lucas Pickford check out fpvangel you tube channel. They’re discussing that very subject, also sun dogs and the moon wave🤙Sidi El Karchi34 minutes agoChristopher Morrissey ok I misunderstood what you said then,my apologies!Sidi El Karchi33 minutes agoChris Liljestrand I’m a moderator there😉llrockwell12 minutes ago@Lucas Pickford watch Eric Dollard’s explanation of what the sun is, it makes the most sense of anything I’ve read. Furthermore, as Jordan Maxwell says: \”who OWNS the sun?\”
Chicken Wing3 hours ago

udunwanaknow3 hours ago
You’re RIDICULOUS if you beLIEve we live on a Ball. Shame on Quantum of Conscience for sending meThe World has gone totally insane!3 hours agoI wanna know why we never see any curve?N3phalem3 hours agoWe live on a probably thousand times bigger ball.Gabriel James3 hours ago@The World has gone totally insane! if you go back about 30 videos, he does explain. ignorant moron.Gabriel James3 hours ago2@udunwanaknow shame on you for watching a 6 minute video and making an assumption, you closed mind prick. dude has dozens of videos.
GeorgePreduca3 hours ago
Thank you, brother! I really love your work, your new videos are among the best things that could happen on yt.
Liquid Sunshine3 hours ago

The proportions of our planet where the astronauts are high above. Seems to be \”normal\” eartgh. If it was a super earth it would be much much bigger.
Brick Finger3 hours ago
Wow, nice!! a new video. I binged on your content!
Thank you!
Majestic Pariah3 hours ago
Jon sent me also. been looking at your material for 48 hrs now. just getting started.
And thank you very much, and you’re welcome.Rae g.22 minutes agoMe too. Mind blowing!
MICHAEL .B3 hours ago
I like it butt if whe are on the moon and its biiiig why do i see the same stars horoscoop big dipper enz 👍
Michael Fehskens3 hours ago
It doesn’t bother me that the true world turns out to be a ball, it’s still true enough that this “earth” we know is not a ball. I can see now how they could lie and still tell the truth.Cameramanbryson3 hours ago3exactly, its like theyre avoiding karma too because they have been showing the truth all these years but people never caught onMajestic Pariah3 hours ago4@Cameramanbryson to elaborate on your comment, I also think partly this is why they gender invert themselves, to avoid persecution by the only face they will ever have in spirit or phyical world [our self image] to an altered physicality proves in that fact alone they are deceivers from the git.hongry life3 hours ago3They always tell truth, not total or absolute truth or the truth that everyone expects though. Tactics are attaching multiple meanings to every word and lying by omission. Leaving out facts is still lying, even when telling a little bit of truth. It is twisted truth so to say.
Barbara Alden3 hours ago
Stunning..open mind..
the6thside oftheplanet3 hours ago
Thank you!
gitanjali buddhapest3 hours ago
Great mind… danke, grazie, and thanks alot too… we’re Ready!! No Fear!!
Jeremy Gripp3 hours ago
Your subs blew up. I posted links to your videos in people’s comment sections for months. About time people started to catch on!Susel3 hours ago3Jon Levi featured him in one of his videos. I came from there myself.
dima3 hours ago
Is crater earth is disclosed all religions will become obsoleteGigi Coyle3 hours agoAnd THAT is the goal of [our] overlords. To have a One World Religion, One World Leader, and a One World Currency (Mark of the Beast). Total and absolute domination through the Luciferian secret societies.

Jesus is on His Way! (and yes. Christians are about to be murdered in the USA on a scale never seen before). Don’t take Billy & Mel Gates’ vaccines!!
Holly Lengyel3 hours ago

AND….To WHOMEVER Is Responsible For Sending Our Friend This Video Footage….





HaSatan, Golden Dawn
The Devil Or Abaddon
It Is Our Birth Right, And


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